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Megan Rose Coaching

provides the right tools to unleash a deeper awareness

and connection to your true self.


Within coaching sessions, you will be empowered

to embrace your full potential.

You will learn to exert your power of choice in life

and start living vibrantly you.


Discover what you can do for you today.




Kimberly_Lindberg .jpg

Kimberly Lindberg 

You don’t just receive coaching from Megan Rose, you get someone who is 100% committed to digging deep with you and celebrating as you bloom and grow.  


Suzy Thompson

Working with Megan has been amazing!

Her intuitive and compassionate gifting allowed for a breakthrough from the deep parts of my true self and helped move not only my personal life, but also my professional life forward in a very real and tangible way. 

Betsy_Balkcom .jpg

Betsy Balkcom 

You can spot it a mile away:

a person who is actually doing the work.

Meg isn’t perfect (or even interested in perfect) because for so long her life has simply required survival. So she’s messy and inquisitive and surrendered and completely engaged in the work. And that’s really the miracle of what Megan can bring to you. Hard things have made her softer. Do you know how rare that is?

Michelle Bihler 3.jpg

Michelle Bihler

My experience with Megan has been eye opening! She has given me tools that have changed the way I look at things.  That has made such a profound difference

for me!! 

toni koelpin.jpg



Megan has helped me to discover the abandoned corners of peace and patience within the walls of my heart.  She's listened and encouraged me to be able to give myself grace and generosity.  I had been so critical of myself for years. 


Interested in talking with Megan?

Thank you! I'll read your message and get back to you shortly!

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Personal Growth & Development

Committed to Self-Discovery

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