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About  Us

Come into our story for a moment?

Come share in the highs and lows of this adventure we call life.

This is entitled About Us, because this crazy family of ours is the reason I am the present,

vibrant version of me. 

A wife for 17 years, momma of 4, and lover of humanity and all our complexities. 

My community, friendships and connection to others is the next best part of my life. 


My children have taught me through their challenges, limitations, love, and encouragement to dream and keep growing. Most people that meet us are astounded at our life.

Two of our children have spina bifida, two of them have a heart defect and all of them are highly sensitive to life. My husband is my Superman who pushes me to dream and move forward in making those dreams our reality. Together we choose every gift and new opportunity for our family businesses. 

I am a creator, beauty seeker and most of all a deep-heart diver. I love people with my whole heart and believe we all need each other. I love real food, traveling and always learning through rich conversation and the beauty of friendship. 


 I am a creative and empathetic entrepreneur living with and continuing to win in my own journey of mental health. This has been lifelong for me, diagnosed at a young age with mental illness. I have done mental gymnastics secretly within and found amazing tools to keep me grounded and living fully in my story. My voice & experiences are essential to who I am and I believe yours are too! 


That sums up WHY I am here, to support others on their journey of self-discovery and living vibrantly in their strengths and light. I love empowering women to lead more abundant, successful lives through deeper connection and awareness.  



I received my coaching certifications and training through the 

IPEC Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and

Energy Leadership Index (ELI-MP)

Focus on self-awareness and emotional intelligence a few of the keys to understanding

where you are and how to move you to where you want to be.   

These are my strengths and passion.  Let's get moving, shall we?

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