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10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Today I sat in the Sun for a few minutes! Reflecting on all that I am grateful for! . And YOU! Yes You come to mind very quickly! Thank you for being friends, family and followers from all differing seasons, locations and moments in time. . Thank you for celebrating, praying and embracing me in all the vulnerability that I live in! You inspire, lift our heavy parts of life with us, pray for us, sit with us and have conversations with me of LOVE and COURAGE! . Your embrace echoes in my soul and push me to deep gratitude for loving so hard, to be loved soooo* well is amongst the greatest gifts in this life! . Maybe now you can take a moment for you & your heart. Just a moment. Go sit in the dark and look at the stars, run outside in your yard barefoot through the grass and reflect and find gratitude for all the beauty and trials in this life! .

Tell me what your grateful for too please!

#gratitudeliftsthemind #youareagift #loveisasplendidthing #blowingkissesatyou

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