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When self judgement or fear comes in around habits, my messy lived-in house or all the undones on my to-do list, or how I am not accomplishing what I thought…

My mind has learned to say you have choices:

Option 1: Embrace it: shift to a different/ higher perspective, remind myself of my Values and ask if I am aligning my choices with those. (Connection, Collaboration & Communication) most of the time I am and that means more of my time and energy will go to relationships than to-do’s.

This is my True definition of a life lived well. After this little mind hack, I am Moving into a more Powerful day!

If I find I am not in alignment with my values! I get to change that!

Option 2: Change it: make a plan and start implementing it.

I ask myself questions like, can I give sometime to this (task/ to-do) today to feel less overwhelmed about it?

Are there trends or habits that are holding me back that I need to tweak? (Getting to bed earlier, less shows more books, more prep at night, delegating to someone I trust …???)

After this process, I move forward with Vision & Peace! If it doesn’t stick, I re-evaluate again!

Do you Embrace or Change?

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