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Hope Blooms

{These flowers bloomed in the 5 days I was gone in Nashville for work-cation, Yellow means Hope, hope was blooming all around our family}

Today it was my reminder that HOPE is Always Pursuing me and With me! So I made some bouquets, bring the happy inside, some of these may be weeds, doesn't take away from the Beauty in my eyes


Grateful to be back home with my LOVES. This past week was Cup filling, soul-searching and Anchoring in the Love of God. Nashville is always full of The Best jammed into a few days! It's been a kindness that God has cleared for me these last 3 years again and again. Honestly so Beautiful!

*The BEST Norwexing Team girls, getting to share a meal and time with them, connection, best-friends, coffee, PHO, hiking with a dear friend, boating and delicious food, of course shopping too.

But most of all REST and Quiet to just sit with my heart and cry, pray, grieve, all the different mountains and valleys and demands of this life and then....

Come to Peace in the journey of this life. Always re-emerging steady and ready for what's ahead. Change is ahead inevitably for us all. ALL the time. Finding space to feel it and be Tender to myself, is the road to perspective for me.

Surgery for Veve is in 8 days, my heart hurts and reaches for the beauty in the tragedy of watching her go through heart surgery, it's heavy and truly everyday I clear room to let emotions and Peace rush through me & anchor me.

We will be updating more over on our family page We Are the Reuwers. Bustling prep week and LONG appointments this week into next. Plus a jam- packed week for the other kids and me! HERE WE GO!

Surround yourself with hope.

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