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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with this 1 gift!

Holidays have always been full of family time and love and connection for me. I grew up in a large Irish catholic extended family with get togethers all the time and Italian hospitality and yummy food and beauty. (2 sides to every family ❤️) both were FULL of LOVE and a unique myriad of connection and beauty. . All my family of origin lives long distance now, so we’ve learned to recreate that in our home with our desires at hand. What traditions do we want, what memories should we make? What is this holiday even about in our home? . Easter is about tradition and love and MOST OF ALL our connection to an ever available, relational and present Creator! Who chose to find us in this crazy world of choices & chaos! . So we scaled back and celebrated each other, spent time in creation, imaginging, laughing and of course there is ALWAYS WHINING and unmet expectations in littles minds🤷‍♀️. But we only bought 1 gift for the whole family! Just One. . You guys it’s sooooo fun and FUN is something we all need more of. I mean organic laugh and screaming: roaring fun. Not “coping” fun which is so common amongst our culture. In GET IT I have my slew of those.😩 🤣that’s another post... . It’s called Silly Street. Please GO BUY IT, kids, grandkids, no Kids. You’ll laugh and be daring and laugh some more. Make fun a priority it creates soooo much love and connection! . Happy Easter! There’s beauty to be unwrapped in every “celebrated holiday”, define it and find it for You and those you love! . Also “Fancy dinner” is a thing we do to just connect and celebrate (Penelope birthed this creative time a couple years ago) it just means bringing out pretty tablecloth and all eating together, they sip lacroix in fancy glasses and we all talk about what we are grateful for and what we are struggling with. It’s always beautiful. Always! And sometimes it happens on a weeknight and sometimes on a Holiday! Whenever it’s created it’s EVERYTHING we all need to connect and my then 6 year old inspired it! . #listentothem #creationisstrength #wecherishcreativityandconnwction #Heistheceeator #weallneedeachother

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