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That Is Beautiful.

Last weekend I took a trip with Amanda, she planned to make me fall in Love with other parts of Wisconsin & filled up my quality time bucket.

We. Intentionally unplugged, played & discovered in Nature as many hours as we could. It was Everything my heart and soul needed. Slowing down as the demands stack up takes a choice. Choosing our needs is Healthy and necessary to be healthy for those we love.

This 1st picture captured me all week. Resonating so deeply with me this as a reminder. Standing behind rhis brick wall made the view point limiting, yet still breathtaking. Creation is healing.

Coming home after being away can be Jarring, our family needs seem insurmountable at times. Between all the new flows we are trying to find, most nights i am Utterly spent. The practicalities of Online schooling schedules x4, meal prep, work and all the kids appointments, can wear us all thin. Emotions, frustrations, fears are running high for most of us right now. Know you’re not alone!

Some days I have a full on meltdowns (Monday) other days I practice self compassion, living in Grace and Trusting that my best is Enough. Loving and Showing up whole heartedly for all the roles I play, when i pause to widen my viewpoint I can see His Grace and Purpose. And push towards the goal of Loving well, finding God in evwry breath.

Today, if your view feels narrow (intensity, anxiety, fears are wearing you thin) this is my reminder to take a deep breathe and remember: You Are Loved, You Are Enough!

No matter how many moments you may feel like your are lacking. You Are Showing up and that is beautiful.

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