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+ What happens when you look at yourself in the mirror? Is it a search for flaws followed by a parade of insults?

+ Is your inner monologue a stream of negative self-talk that makes you wish you could turn it off or change the channel?

+ Do you struggle to create time for meaningful, nurturing self-care?

Almost everyone I talk to experiences this phenomenon. Modern life seems to reward us for working harder and harder, putting ourselves last and putting ourselves down in the process. Many of us consciously or unconsciously believe that taking care of ourselves is selfish, self-indulgent and frivolous. We think that when we take time for ourselves, we’re taking it away from the things that matter. Well, guess what: you matter. And the more time you put into loving yourself, the more that love multiplies and energizes you to be better for the people and projects in your life. Like any practice, developing self-love takes work. But it’s the most important, beneficial work you can do. I promise. Let’s talk about how adding self-love and subtracting the idea that you’re not worth it will change your life.

Cultivating Self-Love

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